Speaking & Educational Workshops

As a national leader in female pelvic and perinatal health and physical therapy, WAI’s Executive Director Jessica McKinney, PT, MS presents on topics including pelvic floor dysfunction, preserving the body during pregnancy, postpartum physical rehabilitation, bladder and bowel health, pelvic health in female athletes, and sexual health at conferences, hospitals and women’s group events.
To arrange have Jessica speak at your organization’s upcoming conference or event contact: abbey@sharemayflowers.org or 617-365-0722
**A portion of all speaking fees directly fund WAI nonprofit programs including fistula work in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Share MayFlowers.

Recent Speaking Engagements
Jessica recently spoke alongside Dr. Lewis Wall, founder of the WorldWide Fistula Fund, at the Maya Angelou International Women’s Health Summit September 27-29 2012 Winston-Salem, NC, in a session entitled: “Obstetrical Complications: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Fistulas and Genital Mutilation”

The building blocks of WAI’s education programs for care providers and moms alike focus on aspects that are not always taught before or during pregnancy, or postpartum. The value in these programs is in the compilation of data and opinion from invested wellness experts (Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Urogynecologists, Midwives, Women’s Health Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Yoga Masters, Health and Fitness Experts) to provide mothers with a one-stop resource to significantly improve their post-partum recuperation.

The WAI’s focus on post-partum physical wellness supports the following:

  • An improved positive maternal image of the body and overall personal outlook
  • Increased overall strength and particularly increased abdominal and core strength
  • Increased flexibility and proper form
  • Preparation to safely participate in pre-pregnancy sports and physical activities
  • A reduction in back pain
  • A reduction in long-term diastasis recti, abdominal separation
  • A decrease/elimination of urinary incontinence issues leakage when sneezing, coughing, lifting, etc
  • Prevention of later-life incontinence and improved bladder and bowel habits