During pregnancy, our bodies change daily in ways that are physical, emotional, and hormonal. To support a growing baby our hearts pump more blood, we need more oxygen, breathing gets harder as our uterus grows, our ligaments loosen to make childbirth easier, the curve in our spines changes, our balance and center of gravity shifts, and of course, we gain weight. All of these changes have subtle implications on how we sit, stand, walk and move through our days. Over the course of our pregnancies we develop new habits, ways of moving and posture while our bodies change. After delivery, our bodies begin the process of recovery. Some recovery happens naturally but some doesn’t. We have to learn what we need to do and how to do it to regain physical form and function. WAI wants to teach post-partum women how to take control of this physical recuperation process during the post-partum year because no new problem should be considered an okay consequence of having children. We don’t have to endure a physical “price of parenthood” if we know what to expect, how to get help, and place a priority on our own recovery from pregnancy and childbirth.