Global View

Though WAI seeks to improve the post-partum physical recuperation experience of American women, we care deeply about the post-partum issues facing women globally. To that end, we donate a portion of our proceeds to the following organizations:

The Worldwide Fistula Fund
Millions of women in the US suffer from incontinence related to child-bearing. But in poor areas of the world, women are subjected to unspeakable pain and humiliation because of a condition called obstetric fistula. This is childbirth injury in its most severe form, a condition where prolonged labor results in tremendous damage to pelvic organs leading to incontinence of both urine and stool, loss of sexual function, loss of fertility, and even loss of a woman’s place in her home and society. To learn more about this terrible condition, and how you can support voiceless women in the poorest parts of the world, visit the Worldwide Fistula Fund.

Kybele Worldwide
Kybele is a humanitarian organization dedicated to improving childbirth conditions worldwide through medical education partnerships. Kybele brings US, Canadian, Australian & European healthcare professionals into host countries to work alongside doctors and nurses in their home environments. Kybele’s teams provide hands-on training in techniques that improve healthcare safety. Their goal is to prevent childbirth related injury/death which affect millions of women & newborns each year.