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The maternal and pelvic health concerns of women and girls are important, and we exist to serve those needs. We employ a range of partnerships & interventions, including clinical training, community education, research, advocacy and outreach. Our mission includes all females. Everywhere.... READ MORE >>


During pregnancy, our bodies change daily in ways that are physical, emotional, and hormonal. To support a growing baby our hearts pump more blood, we need more oxygen, breathing gets harder as our uterus grows, our ligaments loosen to make childbirth easier, the curve in our spines changes, our balance and center of gravity sh... READ MORE >>


A steadily rising group of us, more than 4.3 million women, give birth each year in the US. Most of us can expect a “normal” recovery period, one without acute complications. So most of us can benefit significantly from learning about what it takes to successfully recover during the post-partum year. Know the components, do the program, and reap the benefits for a lifetime.